Experience a stay at the beach full of freedom

At the 3 star Mediterraneo Hotel in Valverde di Cesenatico you can enjoy your holiday with those you love with all the services you want while feeling carefree.

You are close to the beach and the centre of Valverde, a quiet town surrounded by greenery, and just 3.5 km from the wonderful Porto Canale Leonardesco di Cesenatico, a charming place where you can stroll and look around with your special people.

We will spoil you with our attention and with the many personalised services. You can also enjoy the large amount of space where you will feel totally free, even at the restaurant, as we always have flexible eating times.

Fun is guaranteed in our wave pool, and so is the suntan! If you prefer to relax on holiday, then you will love our large hot tub.

Are you coming on holiday with your children?! We will take care of entertaining them and looking after them with our crazy entertainment team and... It will be the perfect summer!